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The story of the trading company that slowly evolved into the NEH Group, however, has modest beginnings. Between 1978 and 1985, its main

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focus was the Bahraini market where it traded fresh fruits and vegetables to a growing and appreciative customer base. Encouraged by support extended in the local market and bolstered by experience gained in successfully catering to its local customers, it was in 1985 that NEH took the most significant step in its global ambitions by entering the regional market. Soon it developed a complete regional import and export business for all fresh fruits and vegetables, and its focus began to immediately turn to the much wider and demanding global market.

At the heart of NEH’s trading activities is a commitment to deliver the best to its customers. Whether it be products or service, the emphasis on quality at all levels has given NEH a name that can be trusted always, enabling the organization to seriously think of expanding to newer products and territories with strength and confidence.

NEH International

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NEH has continued to expand its global reach, now including not just countries in the Far East and Pacific territories, but also, those located in Africa, the Americas, Australasia, Europe and the Indian subcontinent. This expansion drive was prompted by a desire to strengthen NEH’s core competency in the trading of fresh fruits and vegetables, seeking an even wider market base for NEH to achieve success on a consistent basis. As part of its global strategy, it has taken advantage of the flow of fresh fruits and vegetables from the southern hemisphere to markets in the northern hemisphere. NEH International is now well on its way to gain an even larger volume of the market segment than it currently has. NEH is increasing its market penetration in Europe, the Indian subcontinent and South America. For this purpose, NEH International, a new British Virgin Islands registered company, was established in 2005. The new company will essentially complement Globe Pacific Trading Ltd by targeting a separate market segment. As a result, market growth is expected to be significant.

NEH Philippines

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NEH Philippines was formed through a partnership with Mr. Paul Smits, a Dutch national and prime mover of the fresh fruit industry. The company partnered with local banana cultivators, cooperative farming societies, suppliers, service providers and importers in the global market differentiating itself from the other players in the industry. NEH Philippines is a dynamic and proactive provider of unique, innovative, top quality fresh and processed products and services that continually delight global markets and stakeholders. The company is guided by a socially and environmentally responsible corporate philosophy geared towards the betterment not only of our stakeholders but also of the Filipino community.

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NEH Philippines exports fresh, class A Cavendish bananas to the markets in the Middle East and the Far East. Their key brands include Dana, Delmon and Diamond. Furthermore, we offer customers their own private labeling facility. NEH Philippines sources it bananas from Mindanao areas in the Philippines. Their highland plus bananas are grown in Bukidnon, while their highland and lowland bananas are grown in the Northern and Southern part of Davao. NEH Philippines is now venturing into sourcing organic bananas, local banana varieties and products such as ginger, fresh pineapples and mangoes to upgrade its product portfolio.

Globe Pacific Trading Ltd.

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NEH’s first foray into the international arena began in 1979 when it secured the agency for the world-renowned Dole brand of fresh fruits, vegetables and its other award winning products. This association with an international brand known for its commitment to products that are fresh, wholesome, nourishing and safe to eat, gave NEH greater confidence and determination to go aggressively global. In 1988, the organisation entered into a joint venture for the export of fruits from the Philippines, and later, in 1992, this venture saw further expansion as it began to export bananas from the Philippines to Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as other Far East and Middle Eastern countries. fruit and vegetable tradingWith plantations in the Philippines, NEH created its own brands – Dana, Delmon and Al Khaleej, and exported them through NEH Philippines. The overwhelming success of this venture and NEH’s determination to make an impact in the South- East Asian and Japanese markets made it necessary for the group to establish a dedicated company to look into further expansion in these markets. Globe Pacific Trading Ltd. was, thus, formed in 2004 and registered in the British Virgin Islands. Despite competing in the highly challenging Japanese markets, the company has produced an excellent profit performance during its early operations and is expected to continue this track record of resounding success for years to come.

Fresh Studio Innovations Asia

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Research & Development is an important activity leading towards innovative products and services. While NEH runs its daily operations independently, it outsources its R&D activities to Fresh Studio Innovations Asia. Together, they develop and implement value added strategies in the business, understanding consumer trends and addressing needs from ‘seed to mouth’. In collaboration with a major European group and Fresh Studio Innovations Asia, a new packaging solution that provides a better experience to both our customers and end-consumers was launched. Innovative packaging solutions are developed with a strong drive to cater to the increasing consumer trend of total convenience.

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The central focus of the NEH Group’s retail operations has always been to serve their customers better. The customer remains a key pivot in shaping NEH’s business activities and has provided the main inspiration for the group’s expansion to new territories and diversification into new sectors. The retail sector provides the NEH Group with an opportunity to harness expertise gained in their global operations to meet the challenges and demands of local customers. It has also enabled the NEH Group to increase its market penetration in Bahrain and enhance its profile amongst Bahrain’s significant customer base. At present, the NEH Group’s retail operations are focused on managing the Lebanon Trade Centre, a supermarket in Isa Town and Home of Electronics, an electronics retail showroom and service centre in Isa Town. Plans are also underway to increase investments in the retail sector and open new branches all over Bahrain. This will enable NEH Group to acquire greater awareness and knowledge of customer requirements and how to go about fulfilling them. Their international business operations have also provided them with access to new markets that helped them secure the best products from all over the world to satisfy their customers.

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