Information Technology

The NEH Group’s entry into the service sector has provided the organisation with the most suitable platform for entering one of the 21st Century’s most rapidly expanding industries.

information technology

Computer hardware and software solutions offer tremendous growth opportunities to reap excellent profits and gain a much wider client base both locally and internationally. Innovation being at the forefront of this industry, NEH Group has hired talented and experienced information technology professionals to develop innovative solutions for its customers as well as provide a fresh business approach.

Gulf Smart Systems

information technology

Gulf Smart Systems is the NEH Group’s software solutions division, and has already established itself as a leading player in local industry. It offers consultancy, software solutions, project management and implementation skills. A group of highly skilled and highly qualified professionals are always on hand to provide the best business processes and practises as well as support in re-engineering to bolster the success of any venture and ensure an adequate return on investment. Gulf Smart Services provides advanced solutions and applications to meet a wide range of business needs, from midranged ERP solutions on Oracle, full fledged hospital management systems, human resource & payroll systems, money exchange systems, automatic backup & retrieval systems and document management systems.

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