Leisure & Entertainment

NEH undertook a long and detailed study of the local market, examined the market dynamics at work and took decisions that heralded their entry into this sector.

Al Dana Hotel Management

Gulf Suites Hotel

gulf suites hotel

Gulf Suites Hotel was built as an individual hotel apartment building, and was originally conceived as a three-star hotel, but plans are underway to upgrade it to a four-star suites hotel. It is located just off the Exhibition Road in Hoora, Bahrain, in an area populated by many hotels, retail units and apartment blocks. It comprises apartment suites, health spa, open swimming pool, coffee-shop, restaurants and entertainment facilities. The apartment suites have been designed to provide self-contained residential apartments with living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom facilities.

Mishal Complex

mishal complex

The Mishal Complex comprises two purpose built apartment hotel buildings. It is located in Hoora, which is close to downtown Manama’s business district. It is operated as a four-star hotel with retail outlets, cafes, bars and clubs as well as a combination of small apartment suites and studio apartments. Block A comprises two 7-storey towers with spacious three bedroom suites with a two storey connecting building that houses the Club Seven nightclub. Block B, on the other hand, provides a small reception area and coffee shop and has a variety of one-bedroom studios and two bedroom apartments. This building complex is being upgraded to a four-star property.

Sheza Tower Hotel

sheza tower hotel

Sheza Tower, a three-star hotel, is located in the very heart of the Diplomatic Area in Manama, Bahrain. It is eleven-storeys high, and overlooks some of Bahrain’s major architectural landmarks like the World Trade Centre, Bahrain Financial Harbour and others. It has been designed as a serviced hotel, providing ground and lower floor hotel style accommodation with reception lobby, restaurant, coffee shop, retail style units and management office. A separate access is available to the up-market Seafood Market Restaurant.

Al Dana Restaurant Management

All hotel properties are managed and operated by NEH/ Dana Hotel Management, including fine dining eating outlets like The Seafood Market Restaurant and the new Lebanese Restaurant. The office complex is managed by Cluttons.

Lebanese Restaurant

lebanese restaurant

The palatial Lebanese Restaurant is situated near the scenic Marina Beach, and is not only surrounded but is, also, part of a series of buildings that have now become architectural landmarks. The Bahrain National Museum, the Bahrain Art Gallery and the newly opened Bahrain Arts Centre are all located just a stone’s throw away from the restaurant. The Lebanese Restaurant offers traditional, local and middle-eastern cuisine, and is complemented by a traditional ambience, which echoes the rich Arabian heritage that Bahrain is part of. It is built in the style of traditional buildings that once dotted Manama, and the interior, too, captures the grace and elegance of regal Arabia.

Seafood Market Restaurant

seafood market restaurant

The Seafood Market Restaurant is known as one of the best sea-food restaurants in Bahrain. Connoisseurs have recognized the restaurant to be a standard in their search for the most delicious sea-food that not only tingles the taste-buds, but is also prepared and cooked to the customers’ wishes. Food critics have always been impressed and the restaurant has regular mention in almost every prominent Bahraini food guide. The restaurant is located at Sheza Tower in the Diplomatic Area and has a second outlet at Al Bander Hotel and Resort near Sitra in Bahrain. A wide selection of fresh fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns from the Arabian Sea are prepared in cooking styles that span the Continental, Oriental, Chinese and Thai as well as specialties of the chef’s own creation.

seafood market restaurant

NEH is currently taking an active interest in a number of exciting commercial and residential property investments. Where appropriate, NEH will extensively deliver to the very highest standard, thereby increasing average yields and attracting potential purchasers. Current real estate projects are focused on properties which enjoy high levels of occupancy and prime locations, and include the acquisition of prime office locations in Manama and a luxury apartment building for conversion to a hotel. In addition, NEH has a prime piece of property on the west coast of Bahrain under consideration for development as a beach-front project. These investments are the first of what is expected to be a fruitful and profitable new business stream for the group.

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